Bringing the Outdoors to Your Urban Home

The light, greenery, and fresh air of the outdoors is something that most of us would love to have close by all the time. You may even dream of living in a home in the woods or by the beach, where you’re surrounded by stunning scenery constantly. Unfortunately, if you live and work in a big urban area like Philadelphia, this isn’t always practical. Luckily, there home and kitchen remodeling tricks you can use to fake the benefits of the outdoors in your indoor space. Consult with a home remodeling company in Philadelphia to find out more.



This is one of the most commonly cited tricks for bringing the outdoors in, but for good reason. It’s no secret that exposure to light makes us happier, so it is important to take advantage of every opportunity for natural light that you have. Skylights work particularly well as bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects, but you could really incorporate one anywhere in your home where you have direct access to the roof. If you like waking up with the sun, you could even put one in your bedroom!


Window Planters

Bringing in flowers and greenery is another great way to make your home seem more outdoorsy. If you have some space near your windows, you can easily install window planters there for a little miniature garden right in your room. Window planters are great because they put your plants in an idea position close to the sunlight, and they are easy and convenient to water as well.

Natural Materials

A great way to give your house the green look that you want is to find furniture and decor elements that use natural materials (like bamboo, for example). In contrast to metals and marble, which can make your home seem very cold and industrial, these natural pieces seem friendly and welcoming, and will bring that earthy element to your space.

Pops of Green or Blue

If being outside in nature makes you happy, consider adding these natural colors to your space. You could opt for a piece of furniture in one of these colors, or you could go even bigger by painting an entire wall. If you can’t make a big change, even just adding some small elements like wall art or knick-knacks with these colors can make a big pops-of-green-or-bluedifference.

Outdoor Objects

Another great trick to make your urban space feel more outdoorsy is to add small objects that actually come from the outdoors. Placing these on shelves or tables among the rest of your objects can actually have a huge impact on the way that your space feels. Great examples of these are twigs, shells, or even pressed leaves. Another interesting trend that many people have been embracing recently is taxidermy and antlers, which can add that woodsy cabin feel to your space. There are plenty of faux antlers and taxidermy pieces on the market as well if you want an eco-conscious take on the look.

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