How to Incorporate Minimalism Into a Historic Home

Minimalism is a trend that has been sweeping the globe lately, most notably in the world of home design. Minimalism is such a popular trend for decor because it looks sleek, is easy to maintain, and promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle with minimal waste or consumption. However, if you live in a historic old home, how do you incorporate this trend into your space while still respecting its architecture and tradition? Many homes in the Philadelphia area date back hundreds of years, but with some tasteful home remodeling, you can easily transform them into your own minimal oasis.


Focus on function.

When choosing pieces for your space, try to eliminate items that do not serve a purpose. Knick-knacks or unnecessary furniture can make any space feel cluttered, but they can be especially overwhelming in an older home, as these styles are often more opulent or detailed to begin with. When narrowing things down, think about what you really need before you start to consider how things look. Often it is less about what your items look like, but instead how many of them there are.

Choose your accents wisely.

Every space needs accent pieces of decor, but in a minimalist space, these should be chosen with care. Do some shopping around to find pieces you really love and that work with the space harmoniously. There are wonderful historic gems in Philadelphia that you could buy online. Many historic homes there are hiring a historic restoration experienced remodeling company. This could be a great place to incorporate a nod to your home’s older history with a vintage piece in a similar style. Just be sure to keep these details as focal points instead of incorporating them everywhere, which can be very overwhelming.

Play with color.
Many times, the best way to make clashing styles pair harmoniously is to play with the colors that you use. By repainting your walls to a bright white color, for example, you give yourself a nice canvas to work with when choosing your decor. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to keep darker materials such as rich woods, you can look for lighter furniture options like beige, cream, or slate grey. Adding muted complementary colors to a room is also a great ay to combine that minimal style with your existing space.

Don’t let your home dictate your style.

If you love a piece of minimal furniture, don’t let the fact that it doesn’t match the architectural style get in your way. Often, a contrast is a great way to liven up your space and create interest. The key is to keep the minimalism more subtle, so that it doesn’t overwhelm the space. Think soft grays and browns, and incorporate some curvy shapes into the decor to break up any harsh lines.

Minimalism is a great way to really define your style, even if you are working with an older home, particularly on the dining area. Combining modern kitchen remodeling in Philadelphia in a historic home could be a hassle but some companies are excel on this field. By choosing pieces carefully and playing with colors, lines, and proportions, you can create a very unique space that is completely unique to you, and yet still works well with your historic home. The contract of great architecture and chic design can make for a really great combination.

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