About Me

I am an interior designer specializing in home remodeling in the Philadelphia area. I offer many different services to help you completely transform your space from old or basic to something that suits your unique style. Since you spend so much time in your home, it is so important to make sure that you love your space and that it is a place where you feel comfortable and able to really relax. I want to help you with all of your home remodeling and redecorating needs in the Philadelphia area.

I offer a range of interior design services to meet your needs. For basic redecorating projects, I offer consultations, where we can discuss your vision for your space and I can help you make that vision a reality. I also offer full designs for individual rooms, and I also can coordinate larger projects, such as kitchen or bathroom remodels. Additionally, I can also create an entire interior design for your home that is cohesive, chic, and representative of your style. In addition to creating the design for your home, I have relationships with contractors in the area who are very reputable and highly professional. This is very important to me, as the Philadelphia area has many gorgeous old home that must be handled with care.

My passion for interior design began when I was a teenager, when I developed an interest in home design and decor, and has continued into a very fulfilling career. I always welcome new clients, so please contact me with any questions you have, or to set up a consultation. I am available via email, and I can also be found on social media. Additionally, I encourage you to check out my blog, where I frequently post new content relating to interior design and home remodeling.